My computer and phone are not speaking together…

I wanted to share with you the beautiful displays that Lisa and Julie put together for us, but, my connections are still being difficult.  I was able to pull out this one picture for now:

One of the cards we did at Techniques this month was the roller coaster card.  After making my first one, I decided to watch a few videos on it to see if I could gather some tips from some more experienced stampers.  I found a few that stated that it was somewhat difficult.  I don’t think it’s a difficult card, it just takes more time that others to get the folds right.  So, please don’t be afraid to try this one.  The end results are oh so sweet!:

Here’s the front of the card.  Those cute little cars are stamped two at a time with cut out with a die that separates them.  Ready for the great reveal?  Here’s the party inside the card:

A cute little pop up lemon lime twist roller coaster!  Against the pacific point it really pops!  What do you think?  Would you like to try your hand at this card?  Think of the smiles of those opening it!!

Happy Stamping!

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