I know it’s been a looooonnnnngggg time since my last post.  I have been like everyone else on this planet, crazy busy with the changes in our lives. If only we could put our foot down and stop the spinning for a bit, just to catch our breath!

I felt like life was spinning out of control for some reason the beginning of September.  Never in a million years wold I have guessed just how out of my control things were going to get.  We began our home remodeling which turned everyday life into a challenge.  We all, (Peter, myself, our 2 dogs and cat, who don’t get along, not Peter and I, the cat and the dogs!c), moved into our basement.  Lock stock and barrel, the bedroom moved down, the kitchen and of course, I still had classes going on.  I had to keep reminding the dogs that there is no hunting in the house as they would like to tangle with the cat, who is not an innocent party in the scheme of things either!

Things were moving along nicely until the end of September.  My youngest sister, Mary, went into the hospital on September 27th with difficulty swallowing and severe back pain.  She had been dealing with a lot of back pain for a while which the doctors told her was related to her MS.

They did a lot of testing and on October 3rd called a meeting at the hospital to give Mary her diagnosis.  The long and short of it is that she had a rare form of lung cancer that had already spread throughout her body and her brain.  There was no treatment available that could offer her any hope of curing the cancer and would have only made her feel worse.

So, on October 5th I picked her up from the hospital and took her back to her daughter’s home where hospice had set up a room for her.  I must say that those few hours that I got to spend with her on the way home are very precious to me.  We did a few silly things, laughed, played our 60’s music too loud and enjoyed the sun shining in through the car windows.  We all take life  for granted.  Since October 3rd, I have tried to enjoy every second as if it were my last.  There is no going back, you can never recover time that was lost being angry or ugly with someone.

Thursday morning I spoke with Mary and her voice was so strong.  She said that she had had a great late night.  Visiting with her daughter, granddaughter and friend Meghan.  Early afternoon four of my nieces went to visit Mary.  She spoke to them about forgiveness and family unity.  She was preaching from a heartfelt place as Mary and I had missed out on many years because of unremembered issues that kept us apart.

At 7:00pm on October 6th, I received a call from my niece, Alissa, Mary’s daughter.  She told me that Mary had asked her to call in the Pastor and that she was going to die.  I called and talked with Mary and asked her if she wanted me to come, she thakfully said yes.  I said: so you think tonight is the night?  She answered, yes I just have a feeling that once I fall asleep I won’t be waking up again.  She told me she was not sure she would be awake when I arrived, I was about 1 1/2 hours away.

The Lord is kind and Mary did wake up when I got there.  I was able to get nose to nose with her as we had done many times throughout this trial.  When I did she openned her beautiful blue eyes, we both smiled and said how much we loved each other.  Shortly after that she closed her eyes for the final time.

We kept a constant vigil around Mary for the remainder of her time on this earth.  I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to my niece for allowing me to be there and for her loving care of my sister, her mother.  A wonderful family friend, Meghan, Alissa’s husband Chris, Mary’s granddaughter, Madelynn and Mary’s faithful dog Aspen, who was constantly watching over her, were there.  On Friday we were joined by our sister Marlene.

Friday evening we decided to celebrate Mary’s life!  We turned on the 60’s music that she loved and cranked it up!  We sang along, chair danced, and told “Mary” stories.  We had our sister Jewell and her girls on facetime so they joined in on the celebration.  We ended the night singing some of our favorite christian songs with many tears.  It was truly a night to remember and will forever bond all who were there.

On Saturday, October 8th Mary join the legions of angels at 11:45am.  She was peaceful and God had decided that her work on this earth was done.  It’s hard to understand, but, his ways are not ours.  I look forward to be reunited with my sister when God calls me home.  Until that time, I want to love those around me and enjoy all the blessings provided by our Lord.

So, that’s the long story of what’s been happening around here.  I have been trying to get back to stamping and started back with a normal schedule on Tuesday, September 25 with my religious Christmas card class.

I have my classes listed on the drop down menu.  I am headed to our mini convention in Madison today.  I will be back on Saturday evening.  Then I promise that I will get some cards up on line for you!

Thanks for all the cards, prayers, patience and hugs during this difficult time.



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