September 1, 2016 A new beginning!

I know I have been absent for quite a while.  Like everyone else in this world, I have been crazy busy with lots of different things!

I feel like I am living in the “Money Pit”.  If you have not seen this movie, (it’s very old with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long), watch it and see what I’m talking about!  Here is my new kitchen so far:IMG_1992

No cabinets yet, but they are on order.  Where that 1/2 wall is was a closet.  Now you will be able to look from the kitchen into the great room.

Here is our new bedroom, please note now I am sleeping with all my stamping supplies as the bed is in my “stock” room with all my extra supplies!IMG_1963

Travis, Tami, Carter, Parker and Elliana moved all our furniture and “stuff” out into the garage and created a “Man Cave” for Peter so that he would have somewhere to go and not be surrounded by stamping stuff!IMG_1962He has our big screen TV so he can continue to do his Parkinson’s cd, his computer, his stationary bike and even a blow up bed when he wants to rest!

One last picture to show you then I will get to the cards!  This past weekend, my family got together and surprised Miss Tami with a patio make over for her birthday!  I must say, I’m so proud of how this project came together.  We had talked about it a little and my daughter in law, Christine just ran with it!  They created a beautiful 16 x 16 oasis for Tami in one day!


I promised you some cards!  Here is one inspired by a card made by one of my downline, D’Anne.  She had her tree filled with apples, but, I went with the birds.  The beautiful background is done with our watercolor paper and of course, my favorite tool, the aqua painter!


I LOVE this little card!  I used the Ronald McDonald set, My Hero, as seen on page 209 of the Annual catalog.

More cards tomorrow!  The two cards above were done at my Kismet class last month.

Happy Stamping!


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