It’s only 10:37pm, I still have time to keep my promise from Facebook

This morning I promised to write a note here and share another card.  Well, here’s keeping my promise:


Ok, I must confess, this is not a card that I stamped!  I guess I did not download any of the cards that I made this past weekend.  However, this is a beautiful card that I took a picture of when on our cruise.

I do want to try making those beautiful flowers.  They are made with one of our new punches.  Do you know which one?  Let me know and you’ll get a prize!

I locked myself in my work room this past weekend and did nothing but stamp.  I did not see my grandchildren or any of the many fireworks that were going off around here. I did have a frightened dog under my desk and my naughty cat hiding out in the back room due to the excessive noise of the celebrations going on about town.  But, I just kept stamping!  I will be sharing which ones have been chosen for my up coming classes in the next few days.

I wanted to remind you all about my upcoming Bingo night.  Saturday, July 16th at 6:00 pm you could be here winning oodles of new products for your stamp room!  The cost is $25, for that you receive a product gift, we stamp three cards in between our Bingo games.  The first to get Bingo on the first game of each session gets to pick from 3 rather large prizes!  The second Bingo gets a gift, (just not as large!).  If you happen to win the cover all on the last Bingo game you will receive a $50 gift certificate!  The more people I have attending the bigger the prizes.  So, come on bring a friend or two and enjoy a night of stamping and Bingo!  (Did I mention that there will also be snacks including chocolate?)

Chat with you tomorrow!

Happy Stamping!

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6 Responses to It’s only 10:37pm, I still have time to keep my promise from Facebook

  1. Lisa Weiland says:

    Did you use the blossom bunch punch on page 186? If that is the punch I would definitely get the grateful bunch stamp set on page 94. Love, Love, Love!

  2. Nancy Zimmer says:

    I think it’s Blossom Bunch, too. Hi, Cheryl, I’m still kicking just not as high. Still being treated for my breathing problem. Sure miss your classes.
    Nancy Z.

    • Cheryl says:

      Hello Nancy! You are correct! Happy to hear that you’re still “kicking”! I’m sure that this humid weather is making your breathing more difficult. Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Shirley Shircel says:

    I agree with Nancy and Lisa that it is the Blossom Bunch.

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