Hooray for Hostess Clubs!

I’m getting my cards designed for the April Hostess Clubs.  We stamp 3 cards using new products and learning new techniques each month.  I have two clubs, one meets the first Monday of each month and one meets on the third Friday of each month.  The sessions start at 3:00 and go to 8:00 for those stampers that still have to work!!  (Sorry ladies!)

In May the new sessions will be starting up, so this is a GREAT time to join in on the fun!  For each club the members agree to purchase a certain amount, (usually between $20 -$25).  Then they each take a turn at being the Hostess during the session.  We draw names to see who gets what month and then we also have a “Mystery Hostess” month.  For the “Mystery Hostess”  month the name of the Hostess is drawn that night!  So, you could reap the benefits of being the Hostess twice!!

Here is one of the cards we will be doing  this month:


Guess you will have to join up to see how we made this sweet little elephant!  The cards are all made with only Stampin’ Up! products and are completed and ready to send out in the provided envelopes.  I always have the inside of the card layered up to match the front:


If you are interested or have questions, just send me a note and I would be happy to get back to you!  Or, if you have a group of stampers that want to form your own Hostess Club with me, I’m available!

Happy Stamping!

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