One week and 6 days since I’ve written….life!!

We have had a number of life events in my family since my last post.  My oldest son, Carl, (the one with the 8 children), was hit by a car while he was riding his bicycle near his home on Friday, October 9th.  Praise the Lord we still have him and his injuries, while serious, could have been a lot worse!  He is now home and recuperating from multiple compound fractures of his left lower leg.  Having 8 children gives you lots of nursing care!!!  My daughter-in-law, Christine,  has really been wonderful with all the changes and figuring out how to keep the children where they have to be for schooling and their soccer and music commitments.

Before all that happened, my sons had planned on painting our home.  It’s a big job and just too much for Peter and I at this point.  Carl felt terrible that he could not be painting and Travis felt it had to be done this year.  God has nodded his approval by providing some beautiful fall days this week.  Travis and Tami have almost completed this big job!  They both took off work this week to work around here!  They will never know how much we appreciate them and their hard work!

On Thursday, October 15th I went into the hospital for an Afib Ablation.  I guess I didn’t realize how intense this was going to be!  It was a 5 hour procedure followed up by 4 hours of laying flat on my back.  Everything went well with a few minor exceptions that I can laugh about now.  I stayed over night at the hospital, came home Friday around noon and had my Hostess Club at 3:00.  (I got into a little trouble with my family for doing that.  But everything seems to be ok!)

Of course I had a full class schedule for Monday and Tuesday and here we are at Wednesday.  A day to catch up and clean up and do some designing.

After all this chatter, I bet you would rather see my cards!:

October Kismet class:

October 21 2015 acorny thankful card October 21 2015 cup of cheer October 21 2015 pumpkin patch box October 21 2015 star falala cardThe above are 4 of the five cards we stamped with week.  The one that took a little time was the owl in the pumpkin patch which was a rectangular folding box.  (Thanks to Amy and Dory who showed me a sample box!)

I’ve talked enough!  Time to get creating for my Christmas collage.  Class is on Monday, October 26th, 9-12 or 3-8.  I do have supplies for 3 more.  So, if you trust that I’ll be designing a sweet collage and want to sign up, give me a call or email!

Happy Stamping!


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