My last Halloween card from Friday’s class….

August 31 2015 happy scenesSorry you missed this class!  Twenty stampers took the class on Friday!!  We started at 8:00am and the last stamper left around 7:00pm!!  It was a full day, full of Halloween/Fall cards, full of stampers, full of laughter and lots of fun!

Last Wednesday I had my fall collage class.  I never did get a picture of it posted so here goes:

September 4 2015 my collageI designed 13 different 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 squares.  Nine were used in each collage, so each stamper had 4 extra squares to do with as they pleased.  Some were going to add them to cards and some were going to put them together in a smaller frame.

Here are the majority of my collage makers:

September 4 2015 amy P September 4 2015 amy w and allison September 4 2015 christie September 4 2015 cNancy A September 4 2015 d'anne September 4 2015 judy mc September 4 2015 karen m September 4 2015 leann September 4 2015 miss Vi September 4 2015 mystery stamper September 4 2015 patty September 4 2015 sandie P. September 4 2015 sisters dianne and sandyHere goes top to bottom:  Amy P., Amy W., Allison, Christie, Nancy, D’Anne, Judy, Karen, Leann, Vi, Mystery stamper, Patty, Sandie, Dianne and Sandy!

I’m missing the pictures of my three testers.  They were kind enough to come a day early, make the project and make sure that everything needed was included in the baskets.  So, thank you Joyce, Barb and Terry!

Each one was different and beautiful!!  Thank you ladies for coming to class and supporting my business!!

Happy Stamping!

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