Congratulations! On 30-Jun-2015 you achieved the required points for the Grand Vacation!

Hooray!  With my club and Open House orders I went over my 40,000 mark.  I have now officially earned the Mediterranean cruise!

Can’t tell I’m happy or anything, can you?!!  I’m thrilled to get this under my belt.  Until I have that little line in my reports telling me it’s achieved, I can’t rest!  Thanks to all of you who have supported me in my stamping journey!

It’s been hectic around here since the Open House.  Orders are coming in everyday, keeping my UPS man busy.  I keep saying this, but, it’s so true:  I never get tired of opening up each and every box from Stampin’ Up!  I love laying it all out on the table in front of me and sorting it out for my stampers.

Let me see what I can find to share with you today.hawaii 2015 123Isn’t this flower pretty?  I took this picture when we went on our little nature hike in the Waimea Valley.  It reminds me of the adornments on the dresses of the dancers at the Polynesian Culture Center.  Look back at the last post and you’ll see what I mean.

hawaii 2015 139Ok, this is the last post from Hawaii today.  But, I love this one, Peter and Sarah relaxing in the infinity pool.  What a cool thing, it looks just like they are in the ocean.  I didn’t notice the guy behind Peter until just now.  (Hope he’s ok, looks a little comatose!)

hawaii 2015 176Here are some cute little baby shower decorations.  For those who love punch art, here you go!  This was on one of the share fare tables.  SU had demonstrators from different areas show us ideas using new products.  This is where we say, Ohhhh, didn’t think I needed that and then order it the next day!hawaii 2015 pretty veggie cardsHere’s another one I didn’t think I needed, but, aren’t these veggies cute?  Love the new designer series papers!

Closing for now. Happy Stamping!

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