Computer problems? Tell me about it…..

The naughty cat has decided that she should sleep on my computer!  I know she is getting old and it probably feels great to be sleeping on a heating pad/computer.  Now the big question is:  should be buy her some type of heating pad hoping that she’ll stay off my computer?   She already has her own spot light keeping her own office chair warm with her own quilted blanket.  What’s next, gourmet food?June 9 2015 cat on computerThis makes the computer go all cattywampus!  Not sure what’s open, closed or otherwise!

Another photo I wanted to share is this one from my Open House:June 9 2015 open house 1We had quite the crowd of stampers.  I handed out my spiral bound catalogs.  We had snacks and even did a little stamping!  Thank you to everyone who attended!

This was a busy week between classes and meetings I was not sure which end is up.  Here is the card I designed for using in a swap:

June 18 2015 downline swapI’m LOVIN’ our washi tape.  I had to design and cut 14 cards our for downline meeting with Sarah.  Washi tape helped me out big time!  The strips behind the banners are all washi tape!  I also used the newest banner

Hope you enjoyed today’s rambling!

Happy Stamping!

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