The Perpetual Birthday Calendar Simply Created Kit

Item #137950

This is a super fun kit!  Very fast to make and put together and a very useful item!  I am the very worst person for remembering dates.  Numbers just don’t stick with me!  Since having every number saved either on my phone or my computer, I have used the brain space that used to hold numbers with something else.  Not sure what that is, but, this is my story and I’m sticking to it!!

This kit has a companion stamp set, Perpetual Birthday Calendar, item #137167.  This is how I set up the blocks for my class this afternoon:???????????????????????????????At first I started out with separate blocks for each month and decorative stamp.  Then after stamping for two months a light bulb went off in my head.  Use one larger acrylic block and put the month stamp on one end and the decorative stamp on the other end.  DAAAHHHH, sometimes it just takes me longer than the average stamper, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed!

Here’s how it all turned out.  Did I mention that you can put this together in a very short amount of time?  I was surprised how fast even I could get this finished!January 26 2015 perpetual calendar 003I am determined to get some birthdays down on my sheets and start sending out oodles of cards.  My new perpetual calendar will be hanging right by my desk, so I will see it every day!

If you would like to order this kit with it’s matching stamp set, I would appreciate it if you would either contact me to place the order, or hit that big red button on the right had side.   (I’m quite sure that’s a run on sentence.  If so, I apologize to my stampers who were teachers!)

Have to run!  Happy Stamping!


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