Trying to get back to “normal”! (If I can figure out what “normal” is!)

Hello Stampers!  I have been away for quite a bit here of late.  Let me bring you up to speed on what’s been happening.

First I am hoping that you all had a blessed Christmas.  Celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior is a very special time of year.   All the hustle and bustle of gift giving and “trying to get everything done” sometimes gets in the way of a simple prayer of thanks to our Lord for sending us the special gift of his son, Jesus Christ.

I had to make an emergency trip down to Naples Florida to visit my parents.  My Mom took another bad fall on Monday, December 15th.  She had multiple fractures and injuries and was in the hospital.  Her last fall was in September where she fractured her left wrist and banged herself up pretty badly.  This time all the injuries were on her right side!  I told her she was an equal opportunity “faller”.

I flew down by myself on December 17th and came back late on Monday, December 22nd.  (That’s why no Christmas cards were sent out!  I’m still planning on sending them out with a “Happy New Year” written in. ) While there I was able to help my Dad get some things sorted out.  My training as a CNA came in very handy during our hospital visits!

45 minutes before I was to leave to come home, we did get my Mom into an acute rehab facility about 15 minutes from their home.  I must thank Jordan, the nurse in charge of my Mom the last two days of her hospital stay for facilitating the move so quickly.

They are already working with my Mom to try and get her strength back.  She is currently down to 90 lbs and pretty frail.  She also has Alzheimer’s which adds to the complexity of the situation.  Changes are very hard for her.  Thanks to everyone who were sending out prayers!  So far things are going well in her new digs.

Now back to stamping.  Before I flew off I had my winter collage class.  Here are some of the stampers that attended and their fine works of art:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????As you can see I had a few “Mystery” stampers that hid their faces!  Any idea who they are?  If you get this correct I will send you a winter themed card!

Many thanks to my downline Amy P. for running my Friday night Hostess Club!  I have heard from the club members that she did a fabulous job and I’m thinking I could be replaced!  I never like to cancel my classes no matter what’s going on.  I know especially around the holidays how we value our time and schedules.  So, I just can’t thank Amy enough and my stampers for being so very understanding!

If you are a regular here you know about my naughty cat.   She doesn’t really go by anyone very much except me.  So, when I am gone she can be a pill and when I get home she doesn’t leave my side she is go starved for affection.  Amy did say that the cat kept a close eye on her when she was getting ready for class, as if to say:  “What are you doing here and I’m telling my Mom!”  This is what I came back to:

???????????????????????????????She LOVES to tear up tissue paper!  So, she was nestled quite contently on my new table with shredded tissue paper as her bedding!

I am planning an impromptu Open House to celebrate the new Spring Catalog on Saturday, January 3rd from 9 to 5.  I will be getting lots of samples made up for your viewing pleasure and will have a number of projects for you to make.  There will be snacks and door prizes included!  Please let me know if you are planning to attend by Thursday, January 1st so that I can make sure I have enough supplies for all attending.  I will have a complete listing of my class schedules and some specials when placing an order that day.  All the orders will be placed on January 6th so that you can also receive the benefits of Sale a Bration!  Whoo Hoo let the new year begin!!

If you made it through all these rumblings thank you!  Thanks to all of you who support my stamping business!  I am humbled and honored to have you in my stamping family!

Happy Stamping!



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3 Responses to Trying to get back to “normal”! (If I can figure out what “normal” is!)

  1. Amy Pieters says:

    Glad you are back Cheryl! I think the mystery stampers are June and Karen. See you at your open house next weekend.

  2. Me says:

    Oops put answer in wrong place gd guess Amy

    • Cheryl says:

      Right you are ladies! I’ll be designing your cards today! I’m needin’ some ink on my hands to get back into the saddle!

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