Time is passing by……need a special gift for someone special?

I’ve got the ticket for that:  my Winter Collage!  I still have some openings for tomorrow’s class!

I’ve been working on some additional squares for you to pick from.  Here are the last three that I came up with:

???????????????????????????????I personally LOVE the Partridge in a pear tree.  I have two different options using that same stamp.  Below is the original square:

???????????????????????????????Which do you like better?  Maybe I should ask which one will you be making tomorrow for your collage?

On another subject I thought I would chat about today is one of those things that you don’t really think about much.  Warning, this could be a “yawning” subject!

Maybe it’s because I worked many years in the health field, but, I wanted to talk with you about cleaning your acrylic blocks.  I know that we sell a cloth to wipe them down, but, I’m talking about “deeper” cleaning.

After all my classses, when I am breaking down my card baskets I like to throughly clean my acrylic blocks.  I clean them with antibacterial gel.  It takes off any ink and “sticky stuff” that gets on the blocks.  I feel better doing this so that I am not helping to spread any little bugs that maybe on them.  In between classes I also clean off my tables and chairs with Lysol wipes.

Just a little tip and insite on what goes on when you are not here stamping!  Trying to do my job to keep everyone healthy.  (Makes me feel less guilty about always having chocolate available to my stampers!)

I received a HUGE box filled with lots of new stamp sets, accessories and designer papers that I need to dig into and play with!  I will share some examples later!

Happy Stamping!

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