Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Faith, family, food and football, what could be a better combination?  Should have added fun in that grouping!

Guess the fun goes without saying.  I love our stamp that says:  Hope your Thanksgiving is Stuffed with Happiness!  A perfect sentiment for Thanksgiving, don’t you think?

I did not venture out of my happy place since returning home from having a fabulous Thanksgiving meal at Carl and Christine’s home.  Christine’s parents came down from Duluth which was a treat for us as we have not seen them in a while.  The only one missing was our Miss Tami, who was working on getting settled at home after working a long hard schedule and visiting with her Grandpa last weekend.

In my little Santa’s workshop I have been putting together my December projects.  One coming up soon is my Giftables Class which is this coming Friday, December 5th.  We will be making a number of projects which will be wrapped and ready to put under someone’s tree!  Here’s some pics:

???????????????????????????????One of the gifts is a glass ornament with an embossed star in the inside with a blue rhinestone in the center.  This comes with a special box, tissue paper and gift tag.

???????????????????????????????Here’s a mini college with 6 sweet Christmas/winter sentiments.  Comes with everything pictured including wrapping and a special gift tag.

???????????????????????????????What do all your non-stamper friends love receiving?  That’s correct, hand stamped cards that they can send out.  We will be making 10 cards with envelopes that you can split into two gifts of 5 cards each or one big gift of 10 different cards.  These cards are made using our Gratitude for Days Simply Created Kit.

???????????????????????????????Another piece of framed art will be included.  I will have options for you as far as the scene.  I thought some people may want to leave this up all winter, (which is very long), so I have a different option without the Santa and reindeer.  (A little scary after looking at the picture, there is a reflection of me!  Yikes!!)

By the way, I have one more opening for my Giftables class.  Let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in joining us!  I have limited the class to only 8 due to supplies.

Last week I held my product class which included the Cheerful Tags stamp set.  Twice this little tip came up as an accident, but, is really very useful when using your photopolymer stamps:  If you mount the stamps on your acrylic block backwards, meaning the side that you would normally ink up and stamp with, should be towards the block.  When you stamp you will get a perfect shape to then stamp over with the cut image.  Not sure that all makes sense.  Let me show you how Dory did it:

???????????????????????????????The class was using the Cheerful Tags stamp set, but, of course, I added a card because the stamps were just too cute to use only on tags!  Dory choose to personalize her card and make some changes, some on purpose and some by  accident.  But, it’s those accidents that can really teach us some new uses for our stamps!???????????????????????????????See the snowflake above the holiday cheer?  Well, the stamp was mounted backwards on the acrylic block which when stamped created a perfect shape to match the snowflake!  So, Amy went over to my embossing station and stamped the snowflake on top of the blue snowflake shape and embossed it with white embossing powder.  Cool fix don’t you think?  The same thing happened earlier in class with the stamp that matches the Note Tag punch.  When turned around on the acrylic block and stamped you have a nice solid image of the note tag shape.

If any of this makes sense, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Happy Stamping!

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