World of Dreams……yes, that’s a stamp set!

But, just the title makes you feel good!

I love the silhouette stamp sets and this one, World of Dreams, just happens to be my favorite at this time.  It has four beautiful images.  Well, instead of me trying to describe them take a look:

World Of Dreams Wood-Mount Stamp Set

I like the fact that they are all very different shapes!  Making it a very versatile set.  It comes in wood or clear.  Check it out, you many just NEED this set in your workshop!

Today I am hiding out in my workshop ignoring the phones and bells and whistles that break up my designing time.  I am trying to sleep more at night, which is my preferred time to design.   When I pull an all nighter, it’s completely quiet, no husband coming down, no phone calls, even the dogs are quiet.  But, I know that it’s not always the best thing to do.

My first card of the day was a request to do an anniversary card. We will be making this card on Monday and Tuesday, October 20th and 21st at my Kismet class.

I have been using a lot of pool party and soft sky lately, so, I pulled out some marina mist which used to be my go to blue.  I paired it up with smoky slate and I am lovin’ this card:???????????????????????????????I try not to use more than three stamp sets in each card, however, that did not work on this one.  I used 5 different sets making this card!  On the front you can see four and I used a verse from the stamp set Blessed by God in the inside.

What are the three stamp sets I used?  I already gave you one of the answers above, now let me know the other two and I will send a card out to the first 3 with the correct answers.

Happy Stamping!

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4 Responses to World of Dreams……yes, that’s a stamp set!

  1. Nancy Zimmer says:

    Hi, Cheryl.
    Me, again. I was waiting for others to tell you the stamp sets. But, I didn’t see any answers. I know the sets are Work of Art and Four Feathers. See you next week.
    Nancy Z.

    • Cheryl says:

      Right you are Nancy. When I’m looking for someone to chat with me, just jump right in. That lets me know that I’m not just writing and no one’s reading!!

      Cards on its way!

  2. Shirley Shircel says:

    You used Work of Art and Four Feathers. But don’t spend money sending me a card, give it to me when I see you which should be soon. Shirley

    • Cheryl says:

      Great job Shirley. Like I said to Nancy Z. I love hearing from my readers! It’s always fun to get a card in the mail.

      It’s on it’s way!!

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