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Our 2014 Holiday Supplement!!

My order’s been placed and I am eagerly awaiting my new products from our 2014 Holiday Supplement.  I wanted to get a head start on checking out the new stamp sets and kits so that I can bring them to you in person.  I do have the brochures here for you so, stop by or give me a call and I would be happy to send one out to you!

Looking forward to our trip to Hawaii this coming May, Peter and I decided to purchase new luggage.  Since I will be going to Leadership in January, heading down to Orlando, I decided that if the luggage we wanted goes on sale I would purchase it right away.  Much to our surprise and delight the luggage we picked out was 50% off!! Hooray, right?!  Be careful what you wish for!

I went on line, which I do a lot to order it, but, for some reason, I kept getting error messages that they were not seeing my city on my shipping address.  That made no sense to me, so I just kept on trying to get the order through.  (Can you guess where I’m going with this story?)  After many many tries, I called and explained my problem to the help desk and a very nice man manually put the order through for me.

I wanted 3 pieces of luggage in burnt umber and one carry on in blue for Peter.  One of my error messages stated that the burnt umber color was not available in all the sizes that I wanted.  So, when I placed the phone order, I requested the 3 pieces in hunter green and one carry on in blue for Peter.

Sounds clear enough so far, don’t you think?  Now let me tell you the rest of the story:

When Jack and Lyndsey left after their stamping session last week Thursday, my porch and front walk way were filled with 11 large boxes of luggage!!  It was like walking through a tunnel!!  Out of the 11 boxes there was one correct piece of luggage, Peter’s little blue carry on!  Since Thursday I have received another 7 boxes of luggage!  I never did get the hunter green even though the paperwork stated that.  However, I did finally get all three pieces of the burnt umber that I originally wanted!  The first collection of luggage were all white!!  Can you just imagine what white luggage would look like after traveling with it?  Crazy right!!??

Today when the (hopefully) last two boxes came in we opened them and found the correct pieces.  I’m praying that when I return the 5 large boxes sitting in the living room that will end the parade of luggage!  The first return was over $1300 on my charge so I am anxious to get the balance returned and make sure that my charge card it corrected!

Long story short, if you want a good deal on luggage, head down to the Kohls store in Muskego.  There’s lots of white luggage and 3 beautiful brunt umber pieces and 2 blue carry on’s!!

I was going to start this story with:  this has nothing to do with stamping, but, the only reason I was purchasing the luggage was because of the wonderful trips that I have earned stamping!  I would love to have you join me on those trips as a fellow demonstrator.  Right now there is a special to sign up and receive FREE designer paper for six months as long as you remain an active demonstrator.

I really never thought that I could or would be earning the trips, but, believe me, if I can anyone can!!  This is the greatest job in the world!  I get to play with fabulous products and enjoy sharing them with other stampers everyday!

Here are a few of the Christmas cards from our class last week:

???????????????????????????????I love this set, Beauty of the Season from our Holiday catalog.  I did change up this card a bit for class.  I added a button with a bow in it on the upper left hand corner.  The oval with the cardinal is an ornament!  You just slip it out of the ribbon and hang it on the tree.???????????????????????????????This card uses the Festival of Tree’s stamp set.  The background designer paper is from the All is Calm collection.  This is a quick and easy card since the stamp set has a coordinating punch for the trees.  It’s sold as a bundle so that you save 15%!

Well, better close, I’m waiting for my afternoon stampers.  We are making gift card holders for my Techniques class this month.

Happy Stamping!

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