Feeling blue this afternoon……some days are just better than others.

Do you ever have one of those days that you just keep messing up?  Today is my day and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better.

I started out ok this morning.  I was trying to clean up my desk, ( that’s a major undertaking).  I use our  grid papers on my desk and it gets so full of ink and designs that I decided to make it into a card.  I could only use the cardstock that was left on my desk top and this is what I came up with:???????????????????????????????Looking at the photo it looks like you are looking right through the card to the messed up grid paper underneath.  I love all the colors I had been working with and the way the verses are just barely there covering thinking of you and  Christmas.

What do you think?  What does your paper look like after a stamping session?  Take a look at it next time instead of tossing it away, make it your own personal piece of art!

Hope you all are having a better day!

Happy Stamping!

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2 Responses to Feeling blue this afternoon……some days are just better than others.

  1. Connie Bradley says:

    Cheryl, I wanted to thank you for the holiday card stamping get together we did last Friday, November 14th. It was my first time stamping and making cards and they turned out so beautiful with all your help and patience. My sister and friends, Nancy and Mary also enjoyed our session. Thanks again and thanks too for your very convenient location to my home! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! – Connie

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you so much Connie! You all did so great! I was hoping that you had as much fun as I did! The orders that were placed are here and I will drop them off by you.
      Thanks again for supporting me in my effort to share my love of stamping!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also!

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