Finally ready to start cutting for class, 3:00am Monday, September 8th:

???????????????????????????????Okie dokie, ready to start cutting cardstock for my Techniques class at 3:00am on Monday morning, class starts at 9:00am!  I could see the table tops and the floor and I felt like I had accomplished a lot.  This could not have been done without the help from Travis and Tami!  They worked so hard to get everything  set up and moved around my workshop.  Now I need to remember where everything is!!

For those of you who were not able to get here, see the lighting in the above picture?  I am thrilled!!  When I came home on Saturday from our demonstrator shoe box swap, Travis had 4 of the 5 new light fixtures up!  When you come to class you will not believe what a difference it has made.  He purchased all of the fixtures they had a Menards, but, he will be putting in 4 more soon.  By the time he’s done installing the new lights it will be so bright down here we will have to wear our sunglasses!!  Now when  you sit down at the tables there are  no shadows!  It was a bit of an expense, but, soooo worth it!  Join me at class and check it out!

For my Techniques class this month I decided to play with shaving cream!  I know that this technique has been around for a while, but, like I said before, sometimes you need to pull out the tried and true techniques.

Everyone at class received a couple of paper plates and some popsicle sticks.  You fill the the plate with shaving cream (the cheaper the better), then you squeeze 4-5 drops of 3 or 4 different reinkers onto the shaving cream.  Take the popsicle stick and swirl the ink around in the shaving cream.  You press your cardstock into the inked shaving cream.  Pull it out and place it on another paper plate, shaving cream side up.  Cover the shaving cream cardstock with another piece of cardstock and press together pressing out the shaving cream.  Yes, it’s messy, but so much fun!  Pull the cardstock apart and wipe all the shaving cream off. Ta Da!! You have a beautiful work of art!  By using two pieces of cardstock, we were able to make two cards with only one messy step!   This is one of those projects where everyone’s finished card looked entirely different.  I must say, all were beautiful!

Here are my fall cards using this technique:??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????On the top card I used the Autumn Wooden Elements that are in our Holiday catalog on page 46.  We used a dauber to color the wood to match our card.

The second card uses the Hexagon punch which is on sale this week!  I did not know that when I planned this card, but, how sweet is it that you can purchase the punch at a discount to reproduce this card!

Next week Monday and Tuesday, September 15th and 16th I hold my Kismet class.  Here are a few of the cards we will be making if you are interested in coming to class let me know by Saturday, September 13th.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Time to get ready for my afternoon stampers!

Happy Stamping!

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