Wow, I did not realize I’ve been gone for so long!

Sorry about that!  With the rummage sale and classes and my parents coming in from Florida, I have lost all sense of time.

To make up for it I have some really fun cards that we will be making in this month’s techniques class.  I made one of these cards and thought, “that was fun” and then I just continued to crank them out.  Ta Da!  Techniques class is designed and ready for viewing!  Here’s one I made last night:

???????????????????????????????Ok, at first glance you may be saying, “ok, what’s so great about this card?”  I may say “well, I know the picture is not going to make me write 1,000 words, however, this may get your attention”:???????????????????????????????These are all pulley cards!  You pull on the ribbon and they open up with a message either top and bottom or side to side!  These are really slick and easy to make.  I have some 3/4″ ribbon that is retired and this is a great way to use it up.

I will be posting more cards this week.  I think this may be the class that you are going to want to make sure you are here for.

Techniques class Monday, July 14th or Tuesday, July 15th.  Running in two sessions each day, 9-12 or 3-8.  We will make 5 pulley cards for $15.

Happy Stamping!

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