Time for another “Pulley Card”.

???????????????????????????????Here’s one to get you guessing.  The image is from the stamp set In This Together.  You can see it on page 169 of the annual catalog.  Caption is: it’s time to celebrate! (By the way, she is holding a martini.)  So, what set would match up perfectly with this image?  I’ll give you three guesses!  Let’s see what you come up with.  I will post the pull out images after hearing from you!

Happy Stamping!

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2 Responses to Time for another “Pulley Card”.

  1. Shirley Shircel says:

    I am looking forward to taking this class to make the pulley cards.
    Here are my guesses:
    Happy Hour page 135
    Girls’ Night Out page 64
    I am at a loss for the third one except there are several verse stamp sets that could be used. – Cheers to Love page 71

  2. Chellie B says:

    I thought about Girls’ Night Out, too, or maybe even Bouquet Toss. I steered clear of the baby-themed sets as I don’t know too many people who celebrate births with martinis. (Or maybe I’m just too low class to know any better?) So I’m going to second Shirley’s Happy Hour guess.

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