Something needs correcting……

This has been on my mind since posting early this morning.  I have a major correction to discuss.  I stated that since we got home there is no one to cook and clean for us.  I have to give a HUGE shout out to Miss Tami and Travis!

While we were gone they were here doing  a surprise spring cleaning that probably has not been done for about 10 years!  We came home to a much cleaner and neater home than when we left.  Yes I know, we are very blessed!  They not only took excellent care of our two puppies and one very naughty cat, they cleaned and cleared years of junk away!  Do you know people like that?  You can never do enough to thank them for their selfless deeds.

Yesterday we had a ball with our techniques class again.  I finished off the night with June and Karen and I don’t know if they had as good of a time as I had, but, I’m smiling now about some of the conversations!  I know from talking with other demonstrators on the ship that some people do only on line activity.  But, I’m here to say that the human factor and having someone right here in my home workshop is the best!  I LOVE MY STAMPING FAMILY!

Here are some parting shots that I took while leaving Ft. Lauderdale, FL  on May 4th:

May 21 2014 heading out ft lauderdale May 21 2014 cruise 009On the top picture there are people down on that beach.  WOW, that’s how high up we were.  The water was beautiful and the day was perfect!

On board Stampin’ Up! had a hospitality room that we visited everyday.  We had a little game that we played and they had different prizes that we could win.  We would toss a ring around a bottle.  Each colored bottle had a corresponding prize.  I am terrible at those ring toss games and lucky for me the SU rep was always willing to bend the rules!  Everyone won every time! HOORAY!

The room was also decorated with various Stampin’ Up! products.  One item I thought was really pretty was this huge piece of wall art:

May 21 2014rosette wall artAll of these rosettes were made with our newest SU designer papers and cardstock.  What a great way to make a display and show off all the newest papers and in colors.

More pictures to come!  Happy Stamping!

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