Back home and ready to stamp!

Our 7 day cruise was absolutely fabulous!  Thank you Stampin’ Up!

Back to reality and cooking and cleaning for our selves!  OUCH!  First morning home I was up at 3:15am to get my cardstock cut and ready for Monday’s techniques class.  I had the alarm set for 4:00, but, woke up early and anxious to get back to my paper, ink and stamps!  The shock to my system was:  No one brought me any food or coffee!  On the ship it seems you eat every couple of hours!

Each day I thought I would share some of the pictures I took on the cruise.  Everyone was asking about the size of the cabin so here is a shot of that:

May 21 2014 INSIDE CABINI thought it was quite roomy!  With our own little bathroom, a king size bed, a couch and table and a sweet balcony!May 21 2014 OUR BALCONYI have to be honest, the first day was a little rough.  We had never been on a cruise before and we just simply didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  We are not big shoppers, (unless I’m shopping out of my SU catalog),  and that is what most people seemed to be doing.  But, after changing our dinner table and sitting with Sarah and Roxanne we got the low down!  What to do?  RELAX!    Oh, I just was not sure how to go from 100 miles an hour to zero in a day!  With some practice we seemed to become very able to RELAX and just enjoy every minute of each day!

I came home pretty fried but, did not get that way until Friday and we came home on Sunday, May 11th.  The “peel” is going to be worth it!  I look a little scary, but, all will heal in time!

Better go and get some sleep.  Tomorrow we get to go to Weight Watchers and see just how good, (or yummy) this cruise was.  I’m quite certain that the double desserts may have put me behind in my weight loss goal.  But, again, soooo worth it!

Happy Stamping!

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