AHHHHHH……I LOVED our pillow gifts!

I just needed to share this with you all.  One of the (I should say another one of the…) fabulous things about earning a Stampin’ Up! Grand Vacation is the pillow gifts!

Yes, every night as we wearily made our way back to our stateroom we knew that something wonderful would be waiting for us at the end of our bed!  Each and every night we were vacationing they thought of something to enhance our experience.

On the last night we received this handbag.  Not only is it totally cool and beautiful but, it’s personalized with a red rubber Stampin’ Up! logo.  Also, the button that you see below was switched out and our handbags have a SU wooden button.  It’s made by Sage and Harper and I adore it!


Image of Leather Flap (34)

Join my SU family and get your personal journey started!  Let’s vacation together!!

Happy Stamping!

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