Another 2 inches of snow in Wisconsin!

Sorry for those of you who have to drive in it, but, it’s beautiful here in my little corner of the world!

As many of you have read,  in November we adopted 3 lab mix puppies.  We love them all however it has proved to be too much for us.  With me down in my bunker and Peter having to take care of them most of the time it just was not working out well.   It was not fair to them or to Peter.   With great sadness we placed my Fancy in another home.  Makes me cry every time I think about it.  But, this is still very fresh, she just left yesterday.

The gentleman who took her just lost his dog.  She will surely fill that void in his life as we well know.  That’s how we ended up with these wonderful dogs in the first place.  She will be going to work with him and seeing lots of children and visiting with a lot of people which I know she will just love.  I could not resist calling my friend Judy last night to see how Fancy did on her first day.  Judy works with Fancy’s new owner.  She said she was the hit of the day!  She paced around a bit, but then settled down on the couch in their office.  She got to meet lots of new people and see some children and she was on her best behavior.

On the home front here we are all pretty sad including Malaya and Artie, (her sister and brother).  We could barely get them to go out side this morning.  I thought they would be fine since they had each other, but, apparently, Miss Fancy was the spark around here!   I know we need to give it some time and need to get into new routines.  We are all very thankful for our time with Miss Fancy and will miss her, but, I know in my heart she is where she needs to be.

Just wanted my regular stampers to know what’s going on when they come in and only see two dogs.  My club members last night were questioning where number three was, so now you all have the rest of the story!

Enough crying, I need to get some stamping done.  But before I go to do that here’s your card for today:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s another Kismet card.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!  That is from the Occasions catalog, page 27, Perfect Pennants stamp set.  That’s also my thought for the day!  LOVE this verse!!

Happy Stamping!

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