Hello from Camp Stamp in Oga!

Everyone is sleeping except me!

I always get keyed up getting ready for our Campers.  I want everyone to have a wonderful, stress free experience when they come to camp!  So, I’m trying to get a list ready for Sarah of all the things I forgot……go figure!  I brought just about my whole workshop and still managed to forget a few items!

We had a wonderful time tonight.  Campers started getting in at 2:00.  On Friday night our stampers work on their own projects and just get settled in.  Once you’ve been here you learn the ropes and know that all you need to bring to camp are your consumables like paper and glue.  They also bring the cutter of their choice although I do have our new paper cutter here for them to try.

We were all pretty relaxed.  I put Pandora on my computer in lieu of me singing.  We had a wonderful meal of fresh fruit, coleslaw, barbequed pork, baked beans and rolls.   Of course it was wonderful, sorry I did not get any pictures.

Around 9:30 they brought out warm pretzels with cheese dip.  I have to admit, I was not really hungry, but, I ate one.  (Pretty sure that will not be approved by my scale when I go to Weight Watchers next Wednesday.)  But, a word to the wise, once those hot pretzels get cold, stay clear!  They are hard as a rock and should just be shellacked.  Jennifer and Sarah L. were laughing at me when I took my first bite or should I say I attempted my first bite!

Here’s a card for you today:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a super simple card that was just fun to make.  Lots of fun colors that make a happy card.  Boy, that sounds lame, guess I had better go to bed.  Tomorrow will come early and I’ll be keyed up again!

Sweet Dreams and happy stamping!

For those of you not at camp with us…..wish you were here!

P.S. I’m not taking time to proof read tonight, so, please forgive me for any errors!

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