Good Morning!

Last one to bed, first one up this morning!

Guess who’s going to get some cards designed today?  Waiting to  go to breakfast with Miss Leann, but, in the meantime I will start the day with a card.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think this is the last of my Starburst Saying’s cards that I designed last week.  The shirt is made from a cupcake thing a ma jiggy.  Pretty sure that’s not a word, but, the real name escapes me right now.  Also pretty sure you know the word I’m thinking of!

Any way, it’s cut in half and wrapped around the dress form.  Pretty cute don’t ya think?  It was inspired by a swap card I received at leadership.

Well, better go stamp before anyone else gets up and I’ll be forced to go have breakfast!  (Like I have ever been forced to eat!)

Happy Stamping!

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One Response to Good Morning!

  1. Dawn Gengozian says:

    Do you have any openings for tomorrow (Tues.) class?
    Can I get the Parkinsons Dr.’s name and number, my Dad really wants to try him.
    Hope you got some rest this weekend.
    Thanks, Dawn G

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