Welcome to Cheryl’s “food network” Manager’s Reception review!

All I can say is:  you all have to get to the Manager’s Reception next year!!!  If I can anyone can…..

It was FABULOUS again…..we had such a great time.   Good food, good people, what a GREAT company!  To treat us all to such an over the top evening of fun is more than I could have wished for!

Here’s a little bit of what we saw and did, oh yeah and what we ate:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we came into the building, they had a diver in the tank holding up this cute little sign.  (I cropped myself out of the picture, it was entirely too close!)

On the right is an ice sculpture with our SU logo on it!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was the mashed potato bar!  They custom mixed your loaded mashed potatos for you.  At the other end was a variety of sushi.   Which I tried for the first time and much to my surprise – it was excellent!  I asked the lady in front of me how she knew what was in the sushi, she said she didn’t know but suggested I add some soy sauce and a small touch of wasabi and enjoy it!

There were servers walking around with all kinds of appetizers including smoked salmon, bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp and yum, creme brulee!

This is what Stampin’ UP! calls light appetizers!  The food selection was unbelievable!!  I’m so full, but, just had a hard time stepping away.  Every time we turned a corner there was another food offering.   There were tables and tables of the most beautiful desserts!  Each one looking like a piece of art, edible art that is!


We came back to the room totally exhausted and full!  Our heads are spinning and we can’t wait to get home to show you all our  swaps and share all of our excellent SU news!

By the way, we did go on a train ride and Sarah didn’t even get sick!  The night was a total success!  For those of you who didn’t read the blog last year after the Manager’s reception, we went on two roller coasters at the Harry Potter exhibit in Orlando.  That proved to be one too many for Sarah.  We never got to eat dessert!!!:(  Well, I must say that we made up for it this time!

Pssst……here’s the secret I talked about earlier:  we will have new alcohol markers in our Stampin’ UP! colors!  I will let you know as soon as you can purchase them!  Just sayin’  they are the bomb!

Just realized that we were at an Aquarium and I didn’t show you any fish!  I just talked about the fish we ate, yikes…..where did that sushi come from?

I’ve bent your ear long enough….come with us next year!  Join my Stampin’ UP! team and let Stampin’ UP! pamper you!

Happy Stamping!



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