Planes, traines and automobiles……..this is not a pretty tale!

All’s well that ends well is ok, however, the time and space between “all’s well” and the “ends well” needs to be talked about!

Sarah and I ended our last night in Houston about the way we usually do.  We turned in between 1 and 2am knowing that we had a 7:00am flight.  I set the alarm for 4:ooam and when Sarah was no longer answering my questions I knew she was asleep.  I did ask her one last question, or maybe it was a statement:  “I guess this means we are not talking anymore”.  Apparently she heard that one because we discussed it in the morning, but, she choose not to answer at the time!

4:00 am alarm goes off and  we begin to gather all our goodies and get everything jammed into our suitcases.  I go down to the lobby to check out and print our boarding passes.  Well, that’s when things got started to unravel a bit.

At that time of the morning there was only one man at the check out and he seemed a bit frazzled and confused.  Remember me writing that I was lucky enough to win a $50 voucher for the hotel bill?  I found my little piece of paper that Stampin’ UP! had placed with my name tag but, Mr. Frazzled and Confused hotel man didn’t know how to credit my bill.  Ok, things happen, people get confused and nobody knows everything.  So, I get a phone number and he assured me that they would credit my bill on Monday, when a “boss” came in.  I accept that and carry on to get our boarding passes and call for a taxi to take us to the airport.

Sarah gets to the lobby and is talking, (that’s so unusual!) and I go out by the taxi.  We get our bags loaded in and in the meantime, Sarah asked two other stampers if they would like to share our ride to the airport.  Great, it’s always better to be able to split up the charge to get us there.  Our new friends get loaded into the taxi with us and we discover that they are going to a different airport!  We are going to Hobby airport and they are going to the Bush airport which is farther.

Guess what happens next!  Our taxi driver kicks us out of the taxi because he wanted to take them to the further airport – it’s all about the money baby!

Once again, we are by the curb waiting for another taxi.  One of the hotel workers notices a suit case sitting by the curb that is not ours.  Apparently it was to have been loaded onto the taxi that was in front of the taxi that kicked us out!  He was not sure what to do with it.  So, Sarah took charge!  She had noticed that there was a Stampin’ UP! card on the bag with the owners name and number.  She called that number and woke up the ladies husband, he in turn gave her his wife’s cell number.  (By the way this particular story ends very well!)  Sarah called Cindy and she was just getting to Hobby airport where we were scheduled to be going when our second taxi arrived.

Our second taxi showed up and by the way, he was a very nice man, so, I guess things happen for a reason the first driver was cranky!  Cindy met up with us out side of the airport and happily received her luggage!

That was an excellent way to forget about getting kicked out of our taxi!  We needed to be there to get Cindy’s luggage back to her!

Things run rather smoothly at the airport in Houston.  We check our bags, since I booked with Southwest and we get them checked for FREE!!  Yeah, I don’t have to lug around anything but my purse at the next airport in Atlanta!  I’ve come close to hitting someone in the head while pulling by bag out of the overhead compartment and so, if I can check for FREE I do!

Flight goes well, I even get a whole can of diet sprite and we land safely in Atlanta!  If you have not been there Atlanta has a very large airport.  This is  where the trains come into the picture.   You take trains from terminal to terminal.  We took our train to our designated departure gate and got comfortable.  When much to our dismay we hear an announcement:  If you are traveling to Milwaukee on such and such a flight please see our attendant at counter D6.  (You know this can not be good!)  Yes, due to mechanical problems our flight had been cancelled.  Not only had it been cancelled, but, there were no more flights to Milwaukee that night!

This is really getting long, guess I will let you know what happened next tomorrow!   You will have to tune in for part 2 :  The Departure!

I will give you a little stamping tip today though.  I had classes scheduled yesterday and today.  Everything went great, I was so happy to see my stamping family members again!  With the holidays and all I had missed seeing and visiting with them.

All went well until I reinked my Saraha Sand ink pad with a Soft Suede reinker.  Not a good thing, but, I’m glad I did it and not one of my stampers!  They would have felt terrible, I only felt stupid!  My rule is always always read the name on the stamp pad and the reinker before you reink!! Remember that tip!

However, if you don’t double check for a match up it’s not the end of the world.  Here’s what I did,  I ran water over the ink pad to remove all the wrong color.  Here’s what the pad looks like when you do that:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPretty blotchy and almost white.  After that I gently pressed a folded paper towel onto the surface and soaked up the excess water.  I did leave the pad open to let it dry a little bit before I reinked it with the correct reinker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen reinking the pads, I squeeze out little drops of reinker all around the pad.  Be careful because you don’t want to have too much ink on the surface.  After applying the ink I use my bone folder to gently move the ink around and try and get it evenly distributed around the sponge surface.  Happy  ending, my Sahara Sand ink pad is good as new!

Happy Stamping!

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