Part 3: The final destination……

Collect your bags at carousel 5…….

Of course you know, our bags were not at carousel 5 or 4 or any carousel at the Chicago Midway Airport.  So, after all the other passengers from our flight had come and gone, all of the passengers that had taken the Chicago Midway option had no bags to be found.

I must tell you we really looked like a defeated group.  We looked at each other shook our heads and headed for the baggage claim office together.  Mind you our little family, Sarah, Mike and I, were not terribly surprised after all the day had already brought us.   It was almost expected!

We all entered the office and yes, there were multiple people talking at the same time, but, they did have two ladies working in the office.  The “office ladies” however were not very friendly nor did they want to hear what we had to say.  Lets just say, we interrupted their night and they had no intentions of filling out any reports.  One younger man started to get a bit louder because the “office ladies” just didn’t seem to understand what had transpired throughout the day.

This was just the last straw, getting told that we all needed to drive to Milwaukee and file our lost luggage report there since that was our final destination.  (Our final destination had changed from Milwaukee to Chicago due to the fault of the airlines they worked for!!)  The angry man lived in Kenosha, so for him to drive to Milwaukee to file paperwork was unacceptable.  Not sure where they ended up, when things got louder with the “office lady” yelling over the angry man we left the office.

The bright note was seeing Rob drive up in his big white pick up truck!  Hooray, we may see Wisconsin yet today!  He brought a larger truck due to the amount of luggage we were to have with us, but, oh, well, what ever!!

We had a very pleasant drive back to the Milwaukee airport.  We all got to chat and get to know each other better.  Lisa, our stamper from the Madison area had some great advise for my business and working with my downline.  She has been with Stampin’ UP! longer than our Sarah, I am just awed by both of them!

I have to report that the ladies working in the Milwaukee baggage claim area were more than nice.  When we got into the office we started laughing, because we met a fellow that had been stranded in Atlanta and in the last baggage claim office with us in Chicago.   I don’t know how he made better time than Rob, but, he beat us there and even stopped to have dinner with his wife.  (Must have been fast food!)

We filed our paperwork, which we were told should have been filed at the Midway Airport in Chicago.  Lisa went on her way since her car was at the Milwaukee airport.  Then we headed to the Marquette campus to drop off our “son for the day.”  I offered to have Rob drive through a McDonalds before we dropped him off since it was already around 7:30pm, but, Mike said no, he had mac and cheese at home that he could make!  Again, I have to say what a wonderful young man!  We dropped him off at his dorm, he shook everyone’s hand and said thank you and he was on his way.  We may never cross paths again, but, we will always remember the day we spent together.  Sarah did text his mom to let her know he was back home safe and sound and received a very nice reply back.

I won’t draw this out any longer.  On Monday, I called to complain, never did talk to the right people, but, I did get connected with my luggage.  I was worried because I had put my computer into my checked bag, which I usually never do.  Peter drove me to the airport to pick up my luggage.   I was told that I would receive a travel voucher if I picked it up and they didn’t have to deliver.  So, since I will be going down to Salt Lake City in July, I thought why not.  When I got into the office they were engaged with another person.  I saw my bag, showed my tag and went on my way!

Moral of the story?  You really can find something good out of every situation.  Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.  The time we spent with Mike and Lisa made it all worth while.

Yesterday and today I am working on projects for my open house which is this Sunday, January 19th.  I have literally something scheduled every minute of the day until then, so, I am trying to get organized!

Here are some pictures of my little thank you gifts for the stampers attending my open house and some of the cards they can make:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI will be featuring our card kits at my open house.  It’s a great way to quickly make adorable cards when you are short on time.  The little thank you bags are from a kit in our Occasions catalog and went together in a snap last night!

Better keep moving.  I have stampers coming to do the techniques class this afternoon and my Hostess club at 3:00.

Happy Stamping!

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2 Responses to Part 3: The final destination……

  1. Shirley Shircel says:

    Thank you for finishing the story, it’s been interesting. WOW! What a trip and you still have a smile on your face (as usual).

  2. Chellie B says:

    What an adventure, Cheryl! I am so glad that your little foursome was able to come together and support each other. My first trip to Convention went much the same and I will never fly one particular airline again, nor will I expect anything other than utter rudeness from Chicago airport employees. Glad you are all home safe and sound.

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