Part 2: The Departure……….

Should we stay or should be go….isn’t there a song like that?

We proceed to the desk and stand in line with all the other poor souls who will not be traveling to Milwaukee Sunday night.  We happen to stand behind a Marquette University student who is trying to decide what to do.  We all get offered a voucher to stay in a hotel and a voucher for food.  GREAT, that does not work for myself, Sarah or the Marquette student!  This is a problem, now what?  The closest they can get us to on Sunday is Chicago.

Sarah gets on her phone and calls her husband Rob, yes, he agrees to pick us up in Chicago.   One of the attendants even states:  “some people like to fly into Chicago and take the train to Milwaukee”.  RIGHT, I need to get to Milwaukee, I think I will make the trip home even longer by taking a TRAIN home!  (Here’s another train back into the story!)

Well, Mr Marquette student then asks the attendant if they pay for the train, since we all paid to get to Milwaukee already.  “No sir, that’s your decision to take the train, you would have to pay for it”.  Now, we all know that college students don’t travel with a lot of extra cash, right?  Sarah leans over to me and says, “should we ask him if he wants a ride to Milwaukee with us”.  My answer of course is yes, if that were my son I would hope that someone would help him out in this type of situation.

She walks over to Mr. Marquette student, explains that her husband will be picking us up in Chicago and we have room if he wants a ride back to campus.  This is when we meet our newly adopted son, Mike!  A very nice young man, I must say!

Our newly formed family all walk up to the attendant and explain that we will take them up on their offer to fly us to Chicago on the 1:30 flight.  (Current time: about 11:15)  Ok, the plan in in place we are set!  Hooray, we will all get home at a decent time to get ready for stamping classes and Mike’s first day back to school.

We take the train again to a new terminal, you know the one that will get us home on the 1:30 flight.  We settle into our chairs and get to know each other.   When much to our surprise we hear an overhead announcement:  “If you are traveling to Milwaukee on the 1:30 flight, please see the attendant at the service desk”.  (You know that can’t be good!)  We all look at each other shrug our shoulders and walk up together to get our news:  The flight has been delayed for another 2 hours.  Oh, and by the way, that is just an estimate!

It’s 11:30, not much is going right.  We are here until at least 3:20pm.  What should we do?  EAT, bet you guessed that!  I decided that since Sarah’s husband would be driving Mike to school, I should at least buy his lunch.  Our new little family walked down to the Five Guys burger place.

This is how sweet Mike was, he of course said that I didn’t need to buy his lunch he could buy his own.  But, I remembered when my boys were in school, they didn’t carry extra cash just in case they didn’t get home to eat.  No one plans to be stranded in an airport!  He did let me buy his lunch, but would not even order a soda or a bottle of water.  He said the water from tap tasted the same and that’s all he needed!  What a GREAT kid!

We turned the corner, loaded up on ketchup and headed back to an open area to eat our burgers.  Sorry no pictures of the burgers or of our new son, Mike!  We sat with our backs to the window to catch a few rays of sunshine and watched the world go by.  There were so many people running to and fro there.  Our joke was that they were all being told to go from terminal to terminal trying to catch the next flight before it was cancelled or delayed!

Did I mention that Sarah also ran into a very nice stamper that she has known through Stampin’ UP!?  Her name is Lisa and she lives around Madison, Wisconsin.  She also took the option to get closer to her end destination, Milwaukee via Chicago.  We still had room in Rob’s truck, so Lisa is put on the “Rob transport list” to Milwaukee!

Now all we have to do is find a plane that can actually fly us there!  We were spared any further delays and we did board the plane at 3:15pm.  The attendant  did give us, (Sarah, myself and Mike) exit seats so that we would have more leg room.  (That was very nice of him!)  Flight went well, we went up and we came down.  But, now  was everything was with us?  This is a story for another day!

Happy Stamping!

P.S. Regarding reinking your new stamp pads, be careful not to put too much reinker on the pad.  If you do, it  gets messy when stamping.  This was a lesson I had to learn myself.  I was used to really pouring it on in every direction with the old ink pads.  If you do feel that you have put too much ink on, what I have done in that situation is just  take folded up paper towel and dab onto the ink pad.  Test it out with a stamp and if you need to dab a bit more you can.  We are all still on a learning curve with the new ink pads!

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  1. Shirley Shircel says:

    I love your story or should I say “Your Adventure”.

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