Boy oh boy, do I have a “tail” of a story to tell you……

My life, like everyone’s seems to take twists and turns that we just do not anticipate.  I was so happy that I was moving along with my Stampin’ UP! business and classes, I was blogging on a regular basis.  Then our lives were interrupted by the death of our sweet dog Tootsie.

It’s really amazing how much an animal can become a part of our everyday lives!  We adopted her when she was 5 years old and were blessed to have her for 6 years.  She was very nervous and hyper when she first came to live with us, but, in time she turned out to be an excellent companion for my husband and myself.  Although taking care of her was my husband’s primary job.  So, with  her gone it left a huge void here.

Our friend, Tami, suggested that we check into adopting another dog as soon as possible to help fill that void.  Well, we did just that…..jumped right into the frying pan!

The very next week we went to an adoption event held in a town near us.  A very nice lady that runs a dog rescue in Mississippi was bring up a large group of dogs and puppies.  (That just opens the door doesn’t it?)

Yes, we adopted a dog and then another dog and yes, another dog!  Add that up, we went from zero dogs to three in one week!  Two of them, Fancy and Artie were kennel mates.  The third sweetie was suppose to live with our Miss Tami, but, she ended up being allergic to Malaya.  So, she will live here with us, knowing that she really belongs to and loves Miss Tami.  She has been here for two weeks and still cries when Tami leaves!

I know that this has nothing to do with stamping and this is a stamping blog, but, now you know what I have been doing besides stamping!  We brought them home on a Friday, had them all to the Vet on Monday and I left for Florida on the following Wednesday to visit my parents!   Our sweet Malaya is  very sick and we were thankful that Miss Tami stayed here while we were gone to help nurse her back to good health.  The Vet feels that she has distemper which is usually fatal in younger dogs.  She is about 1 1/2 years old which is good, but, it sure has taken a toll on her.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  All my stampers that come here on a regular basis have heard this story and are now getting to meet the new family members.  They are very good dogs with the exception that the two younger ones tried to eat my cat today!  My workshop door will forever be closed to them for the safety of my crabby, sassy cat that does not stand a chance against two 1 year old dogs!

Today, I will set my goal to get some card blogging done and share some new cards with you.

Happy Stamping! (I hope to do that myself!)


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3 Responses to Boy oh boy, do I have a “tail” of a story to tell you……

  1. Shirley Shircel says:

    I sure have missed your blog, happy to have you back.

  2. Amy Pieters says:

    Glad your back!! Can’t wait to meet the new dogs. Do you have any pictures of the dogs to post? Hope the cat is ok…..

    • Cheryl says:

      I will try and get some pics of the puppies. The sassy cat, although completely tramatized is alright. It feels good to be back! Thanks Amy!

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