Wednesday, January 9th just the beginning……

Let’s just get to the airport!

Today is the first leg of the trip.  I was a little nervous because we got a bit of a late start to the airport.  But, I figured, that’s ok because it only takes us about 20 minutes to get there and I had already printed out our boarding passes.  Well, the best made plans do go array.  There was a terrible accident on the freeway, which is so much worse than us being late for a plane!  Well, Peter was the driver and he switched gears to keep up moving and took an alternate route to get us to the airport around 3:00. (Our flight was scheduled for 4:00)

They were already boarding when we got to the gate.  That was also fine because the 2 seats that were left when I printed the boarding pass were in row 30!  Yes, row 30 does have a window however, you look out onto the motor thing-a-ma-bob!  Not the view that Sarah was expecting.  The other good thing about sitting about as far back as you can on a plane is that no one else wants to sit that far back.  Instead of sitting next to Sarah in those spacious seats, I was able to move and have one seat empty between us.  That is after I figured out how to get out of the seat belt.  Yes, that’s how it started, I kept trying to find where to release the buckle on the side of my seat. (That’s where it is in my car!)  Now, if you fly you know that the buckle release is in front!  WOW, that was a rocky start and I did not even have anything to drink.  Sarah helped out by laughing hysterically and letting me know where my buckle was!  It was an uneventful flight after that.

We did see lots of other SU demonstrators on the plane and at the airport and shared a taxi ride to our hotels.  Did you know that they have at least 4 hotels with the name Plaza in it?  Mind you these hotels are fairly close to each other, wouldn’t you think that they would think up a different name?  Our taxi driver was not thrilled about stopping at three different places, but, after charging us each a flat rate (which worked out better for him) we made it to all three places.

We are staying at the Rosen Plaza Hotel which is very nice.  We ran into some of the SU’s celebrities in the elevator and hallway of our room on the 8th floor.  I feel like we are staying with the “big wigs”!

Did I mention the temperature?  Yeah, I didn’t think so, it’s 80 something and very humid.  Makes my hair look like it’s fuller and has some curl to it.  So, all in all that’s a good thing.  It seems strange to see beautiful flowers in full bloom in January.

We hoofed it down to a place Sarah had eaten at in 2005 when she was here for Leadership and had brought her husband along.  She has been talking about coconut shrimp since we left Milwaukee.  That’s what we had.  It was sad not to have our other convention/leadership buddies with us.  We always order a number of items and then share them all so that you get to try all kinds of dishes.  We were starved and of course ordered too much food, so what’s new?!  Here are a few pics:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s Miss Sarah enjoying a fish taco.  This was the first fish taco I have ever had and I must say that is was quite tasty!  We started out with a stack of thick cut onion rings that also had coconut in the batter.  They were so good we mowed them down to only one lonely onion ring sitting in the middle of the platter.  Then we moved onto the signiture dish, the one that Sarah was talking about…..the coconut shrimp.  YUMMMMMM they were wonderful.  But a lass we ate until we could eat no more and we had to send some of those wonderful fantail shrimp back to the kitchen!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoesn’t that look good?  The broccoli was wonderful too.  Cooked just right, not too crisp and not too mushy.  The name of the restaurant was Bahama something, I can’t remember the rest of the name and Sarah is sound asleep already.

We rolled back to our hotel and changed immediately into our pajamas.  That feels so much better!  They offer the coolest thing here, (well it would have been cooler if it would have worked.) internet on the TV!  Well I mean you could pay $6.95 and use the wireless keyboard so that you could lay in bed and check your emails and do what ever else you wanted to do on line.  But, as I stated earlier, it didn’t work correctly.  (I was just glad that it wasn’t something I was doing wrong.  Even the IT guys didn’t get it fixed.  It was worth a  try!

Tomorrow I will get some card pictures to you including the other swaps that I made.  I have not swapped yet, but, tomorrow between 1-5 we check in at the convention center and get our project bags.

I suppose that I have blabbed enough for one night.  I’m just guessing that about 95% of the people following don’t get down to this line!  Hope it was somewhat entertaining.  I found myself laughing at so many different things already that maybe I am just tired!

Closing for now, happy stamping!

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  1. Chellie B says:

    Sarah laughing hysterically? I don’t believe it.
    Glad you arrived safely. Can’t wait to hear your stories!

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