Day 2 of the Leadership Journey in Orlando…..

Started out calm ended up wild and crazy!

Good night, what a day!  We started the morning slowly by working on our goals and challenges.  Mapping out a way to get to the grand vacation in 2014.  Thanks to my downline and my stampers I am more than half way to earning it.  Whoo hooo!!!!

Ok, lets get back to the activities today.  We skipped breakfast, (which is not like us), and opted to have lunch at a place right across the street called Marlow’s.  Here are a few shots (this is like the food network!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore we left Milwaukee, Sarah was asking if we could go out for calamari and so we did.  It was spectacular!  They fried super thin slices of lemon along with the calamari, delicious!  Along with that we ordered deep fried asparagus spears.  Again, YUM!  We really know how to find the “good stuff”.  We also split a black and blue burger, but ate it before we took a picture.


This was our little snack in the afternoon.  Two spoons and a napkin and we were settled in for a sweet treat.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was taken on our walk to lunch.  The flowers are just so beautiful.  I really can’t believe the weather.  Guess I understand why people want to live here, it was in the 80’s with a soft breeze, gorgeous! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There was a red carpet to walk down to this  entrance of the Harry Potter exhibit for our Manager’s reception.  You just can’t imagine how cool this event was.  They had all kinds of food everywhere.  So much that we couldn’t even try all of it.  Listen you downline of mine, you need to get to this event with me next year.  Of course it will be held at some other wonderful place, but, that’s the beauty of it.  They always go over the top with everything.  I want you to experience this with me!!

Here is a picture of Miss Sarah and her meal:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just had this conversation with my oldest grandsons.  A lady was talking to them about a Renaissance fair and the turkey drum sticks that are served with no utensils.   Parker’ s comment was: “well that’s not very lady like”.  Well guys, here it is!  They were HUGE and so delicious.  A wonderful smoky flavor and no utensils!

The desserts were so fabulous.  We did not get a chance to eat them due to a little disaster after riding the 2nd roller coaster.  But, that’s a story for another day!  I did however take a picture of them and carried it back to the hotel hoping that when Miss Sarah feels better we can try them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are little chocolate baskets filled with (I’m guessing) mousse.  I just thought they were so cute.  They also had another whole table filled with hot desserts, deconstructed pumpkin pie, apple pie and sponge cake.  OVER THE TOP!

Can you imagine having all this open to just our Stampin’ UP! family.  When you wanted to ride one of the roller coasters, you just walked right up and got on.  No waiting.  They had lockers to put your purses in that were locked after they took your finger print.  Pretty impressive, I have only seen that kind of stuff in the movies.  (I know I don’t get out much!)

I did promise a card tonight.  Here is another one of the cards that I made to swap.  I have only swapped one out so far, but, tomorrow is the start of the regular sessions at the convention center.  I’m sure that I will have lots of cards by the end of the day.  (And possibly more to chatter about!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis card uses two of the new sets that you can get FREE through out SAB celebration.  Contact me for more information and to set up your Sale-a-bration party!

Sarah is sleeping peacefully now so I had better sign off and turn off the lights.  7:00am will come around soon enough and we will start another exciting round of events!

Three things to remember, you want to come with me next year, if you order from me on line while I am gone you will receive some special cards and number three:   HAPPY STAMPING EVERYONE!


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