Another fabulous day at Leadership!

Only spilled one time!

Remember last year when I spilled chia tea all over Miss Janice?  Well, I didn’t exactly do that to anyone, however, a lady going past us in the isle kicked over my coffee.  Sarah warned her that we had coffee on the floor and she was able to pick hers up, but, the woman kept on coming and there went my coffee.  I grabbed it as soon as I could but, not soon enough.  Sure enough some coffee went running down hill the the auditorium!  The ladies in front of us were not very happy and we were relieved when they decided to move.  (They did not move because of us, they had a friend saving them a closer spot, but, they did let us know that they were not happy with us!)  Now, I ask you what could I have done?  If I would have tried to pick up my coffee I would have head butted the lady coming through.  Not sure she would have appreciated that either.  I really wanted to say to  “stop crying over spilled milk”, but, I held my tongue. I did feel bad about the spill, but, I couldn’t do anything about it.  That’s how the day started.

We had a general session in the morning where SU announced some really fun and interesting things!  We will be selling monthly kits that can come directly to your home!  They will have everything in them that you need to make a project a month.  You can sign up with me and SU will send out a shipment automatically each month until  you tell them to stop.  We were lucky enough to receive a sample of the trial version and one of the starter kits.  The cool thing is they are only $19.95 per month and that includes shipping!  I can’t wait to share more about that with you in the coming months.

SU provided us the opportunity to listen and learn from a number of very successful Demonstrators at the share fair.  Sarah and I split up so that we could get information from as many as we could.  Our discussions at lunch, dinner, and this evening are all about incorporating what we have learned into our businesses.

At every general session they are picking 5 names from a Bingo cage.  If your name is picked you get FREE registration for our convention this July.  Not only does that person get FREE registration, one of her new downline would also receive FREE registration!  I’m hoping to win!  If I do the first person I sign up after winning will be headed to Salt Lake with us!

I would hate not to post some of the food items we consumed today, so here goes:


We ate dinner at the Copper Kettle Grill.  This guacamole was wonderful.  Chunkier than we get at home and they added black beans, onions, corn and tomato garnish on top.  Yummy!

They added a night time session this year.  Imagine this:  1500 ladies walking around Orlando in their pajamas!  Yes, it was quite a sight, not always a pretty one, including me!  But it really was fun!  They had a number of speakers from SU do stamping projects which were all really cute.  They did a number of Prize Patrols, (that’s when SU employees come through the audience and had out FREE product).   One of the give a ways went to everyone there, HOORAY!  We won a package of Parkers Prints DSP and the Thinking of You stamp from the Spring Catalog.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A foot note from an earlier session, they are coming out with a stamp kit for men!!!!  It’s not for cards, it includes stamps already mounted on wooden blocks and textured postcards for them to stamp on.  I think this maybe a fun item.  We really need to get those guys out of their comfort zone and do some simple stamping!!

Don’t forget, if you order from me online while I am gone you will receive some special hand stamped cards.  I won’t be home until Sunday, so you still have that offer on the plate!

Happy Stamping!

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