Hello There!

I’ve been under the weather a bit….

Sorry, I have not been here to chat with you.  A sinus infection has really kicked my butt!  But, I just need to shake it off and get creating.

Last week I had a very busy class schedule!  The biggest event was the Halloween Painter’s Tray class.  Here are a few pics of that fun class:

This was the morning class which went from 9-1 and then at 3 we started the afternoon class.  We used our new silicone mat to build the rosettes that were placed in one of the tray openings.   You just place a “glob” of hot glue on the mat and press your rosette down into the glue.  Wait a few minutes for the glue to cool and tada  you have a rosette ready to use on what ever project you need it for.  So easy, check out the mat on page 31 of our Holiday catalog.  Item #127853, for only $5.95 this is a great tool to have with your stamping supplies.  You can use hot glue or any of our other adhesives and they just pop right off!  Try it you’ll like it!  (You may even LOVE it!)

Happy Stamping!

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