Fish boil at the Viking Grill

WOW!  This is really something to see!

We ate dinner last night at the place where the Door County fish boil started.  The Viking Grill in Ellison Bay.  A really nice little place where hundreds of tourists would gather to see how they do their fish boils.  They use white fish caught locally, red potatoes, onions and 5 pounds of salt.  We were not sure how much fish they had in the basket but Ken’s guess was 15 pounds.

Last night was their last fish boil for this year and we were lucky enough to be the only people there!  It was like a private party!  Here are the series of shots I got last night.


Here is our chef.  You can tell by his jacket and hood it rained all day yesterday.

But, not enough to dampen our spirits!  After they get the fish boiling and they determine that it is cooked they throw diesel fuel on the fire!




Here is a shot right after the fuel hit the fire.  Do not attempt this at home.  This gentleman has been doing this for many years!




The reason they do this is to get the water in the pot to boil over which washes away the oil from the fish.



Here is the pot filled with all the fish boil ingredients.  They carry it into the kitchen and prepare it to be served in their restaurant.




I will show you a card a little later today along with a picture of a cherry pie that we purchased from a sweet lady that runs a little store right in her home with lots and lots of homemade food items.  Every kind of jelly you can imagine, pickles and everything you can take out of your garden and pickle!  Her name is Sammi and she is right on Hwy 42.  I would encourage you to stop and visit her if you visit Egg Harbor!

Happy Stamping!

(I don’t have time to reread this today, so, please excuse any mistakes!)

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2 Responses to Fish boil at the Viking Grill

  1. Chellie B says:

    My eyes are glazing over at the thought of that much white fish. Yu-u-u-u-m!

    • Cheryl says:

      It was wonderful! Lots of little bones, but, once you got over that it was great eating. We are spoiled with our cod fillets!

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