Class day…

My supply baskets are ready for my Stampers

This morning as I was getting things ready for the next 2 days of class I thought I should share with stampers who have not come here yet how my classes are set up.

I use an open session concept for my classes.  Which means I give a session time, say 9-12.  I always let you know how many cards we will be doing during that session.  You can then determine how much time you need to complete the cards during the time frame given.  My stampers bring the adhesive of their choice and many bring their own scissors.  I do supply any special adhesive if needed depending on the projects and I always have scissors and bone folders in the center of my table if you need to use them.

Each card is in a basket with all the supplies to complete that card.  You take a packet of cards and one basket at a time and take a seat where ever you want!  It’s kind of funny, but, just like at church, where we tend to sit in the same pew, my stampers usually sit in the same areas!  Sometimes you are working alone, but, sometimes there will be a number of stampers working out of the same basket.  It just depends on how many stampers are here.

My little card packets include each card we will be doing in it’s own SU envelope.  What ever card stock intended for the inside of the card, (I always have some layering and or designs inside the card to complement the front), is in the inside of the card.  What ever is designed for the out side is on the outside of the card.  (Does that make sense?)  I often times even have your bows tied.  Tying bows sometimes causes some stress for my stampers.  If you want to learn how I tie my bows I would love to teach you, but, if you are just here to stamp……you can just stamp away!

Here are a few pictures of the baskets that are waiting for you:





The background in the picture on the left is my Big Shot area.  I now have 2 Big Shots, one set up for Embossing folders and on set up for our new Framelits.  The boards on the wall above that area are where I post my cards for future classes.

If you would like to come to a class you can check out the schedule here.  At my SU website you can RSVP and I will get an email and put you on my class lists!

Happy Stamping!


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