Better late than never…..right?

Classes all done and I realized that I did not blog this morning!!

Sorry about that, but, again, better late than never!!  Now I need to decide what to yak about this evening.  I had two different classes going on today.  It was fun.  I had some ladies doing the Techniques class because they could not make the dates that the class was offered and some ladies doing the Birthday card class.  That means that I had 8 baskets full of “stamping stuff” ready to be handed off for each of them to work with.  Working my way around the table for an occasional question or explanation was really fun! The ladies were ready to have a good time, kick back a little and just enjoy stamping and a chuckle here and there.  Add a little background music and it’s almost a party!

So, keep that in mind, if you can’t make a particular date, just contact me.  I am happy to plan a time that works for both of us!

Wondering if I am ever going to stop babbling?  Yes, I am even going to share a “man” card with you.  This is one we will be doing for my Kismet class next Monday  or Tuesday.  Here it is:








Here you go, the front and the inside of this card that could be given out for any number of occasions.  It’s always nice to have a card handy for that forgotten birthday or an illness.  Something to send to someone just to brighten their day.

I know that we have done quite a few cards with this set, but, I still think that it’s one of the best “man” sets that we have.  I don’t seem to get tired of it, do you?

The card base is Crumb cake.  The blue accent is Midnight Muse which is one of the new incolors this year.  So…….what do you think?

Happy Stamping!


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