Hooray! I got to see rain….first time in quite a while!

Be thankful for the small things…

Guess getting rain is not a small thing.  Our poor farmers have been praying for a good deal of rain for quite a while.  So, I am celebrating rain today!

I decided to share two more non card photo’s of Salt Lake City.  On Sunday for our last meal we decided to try a new little Italian place.  It was just lovely and the food was as pretty as the surroundings and just as good to eat!

Did you think I was going to give you a picture of the food?  (We did take pictures of the food we had at other places, it was just too pretty to pass up!)  This is a shot of Miss Janice and Miss Sarah at our last breakfast together.  A cute little place that gets all of their produce from their own garden.

This is the Tabernacle tower.  Just too beautiful to leave out.  Donna went to hear the Tabernacle Choir practice.  She said it was just beautiful!

Now, what you’ve maybe been waiting for a picture of a card.  This is one that I think we will be making at my Birthday Card Class on Tuesday, July 31st.:

I enjoy using the cupcake punch and have not used it in awhile.  Sometimes our old favorites get pushed to the back of the desktop while we play with all the new stuff!  The candle flame is glittzed up with our Dazzling Details.  Those Bitty Banners are one of the most useful new items as far as I am concerned!




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