Convention Day 3!

Classes, cards and friends…

Hello Stampers!  Started the day out on a rough note.  We stopped at our little Book Store/Deli for our breakfast sandwiches and iced Chai tea.  We got in line ordered and started getting set up at their little round tables.  So, I turned around and knocked Janice’s tea all over her pants, the table and the floor!  The gentlemen was so nice.  He would not let me pay for another one, he just moved us closer to the door!

After that we made it to the Salt Lake Palace to our first session.  Shannon West was the speaker at the general session and as usual did a fabulous job!  Always very inspiring! Gets me fired up and ready to come home and get together with my stampers.

Here is a really cute card that made me think of Wisconsin:

This was a card on the display boards.  I thought this was a really cute punch art card.  Note all the different SU punches they have used.  This would be a fun card to make at one of my Souper nights!

Happy Stamping!


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6 Responses to Convention Day 3!

  1. Shirley Shircel says:

    I love the card, hope you do find time to make it at one of our sessions.

  2. Barbara Gallardo says:

    Im glad u seen my card at stamping up convention I did”t put my name on it because I had made 300 hundred of these cards beside I also made cat in the hat this year I’m going to make another punch art I hope to remember to put my name on this time but u can look for me on Facebook to I also have more punch work there I hope u have lots of fun making him

    • Cheryl says:

      Hello Barbara,
      I had no idea who’s card this was, but, I am happy that you came across my blog. I like to give credit where credit is due! Thanks for sharing this adorable card with us. I have not yet made it in a class, but, have had some requests to do so.
      Happy Stamping!

    • Betty says:

      Barbara – let me know where I can find your other punch work! Would love to see more…the cow is precious.

    • Judy says:

      Barbara ~

      I searched for you on Facebook, but couldn’t find your page. I’d love to see more of your punch art as well!


  3. Franzi says:

    Great card. I love the cow. I guess you just have to get better with this funny card 🙂

    Greetings from Germany. Franzi

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