Bags are packed….

We’re ready to go…..home.

It has been an amazing time here in Salt Lake City!  I need to list out all the things that I have learned on the plane ride home.  So, that’s my “homework”!

On another note, it was really cool that in one of the last presentations yesterday they talked and showed how to make different flowers.  Which I thought was really cool because that’s exactly what we already did this month at our Techniques class!  WOW!  I sort of felt like I was ahead of the game!  Go back a few posts and you will see one of the floral cards that we created in class.

Next month there is going to be a sign up special that some of you who love Halloween will want to check out.  If you sign up to be a demonstrator in August you will receive (along with your $125 in products and a business kit), a painters tray kit with a Halloween layout including all the supplies for FREE!  Not only do you get one but I do too!  So, Robin and Kathy I will be calling you when I get home!  Just giving you a shout out!  This is the time.

Time to go to breakfast!  See you soon when I am back in Wisconsin!

Happy Stamping!

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