A study in flowers….

To mail or not to mail…

Just finished 2 days of my Techniques classes.  We were concentrating on flowers.  On one of the cards we created a vintage flower that ended up with 8 layers of petals.  I punched out a total of 4 flowers, 2 each of different colors.  My stampers then took out all their frustration and “beat up” the flowers.  Breaking down the fibers in the card stock until they could split the flower into 2 pieces.  The result is a soft felt like side.  Here is a picture of the card we made in class:


I wanted to show the side view so that you could see how high this flower is.  I would not mail this card, it would be one I would hand deliver.  But, this technique would be great if you wanted to put a flower on top of a gift or on a gift tag.  Even decorate a picture frame.  It has a very vintage look.  Again, I used that great embossed Naturals Designer Series Paper.

Now, here is the same card, but, this time I only used four layers of petals.  I crunched it up but, it will lay flat so that you could mail this one out if you choose to.


You are still getting the same look, just a little thinner.





Today I am hard at work making swaps to take to the Stampin’ UP! convention.  I talked with another demonstrator who already had 175 cards ready to swap!!  I am waaaayyyyy behind the ball.  But, I will get lots done in the next 5 days!  That way I will be able to bring back lots of new ideas for all my stamper friends!

Thanks to all the ladies that came to my Techniques classes!  We really had a lot of fun doing different techniques and using different mediums including fabric, dryer sheets, paper flowers and our new spritz bottles.

Happy Stamping!

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