Getting ready for my Open House/Catalog Kick off!

Lots of things happening at the Lentz household!

Well, like I said, I am getting ready for my Open House which is on Saturday, June 23rd from 2-7 and Monday, June 25th from 3-8!  I have my cards ready, and now I have to plan my little snacks and do all the finishing touches.  Thought I would give you a little sneak peak at one of the projects.  There are 3 of them and with each project is an Open House Special deal!  The special will include the “newest” items that you will need to complete these projects at home.  Here is the first sweet deal and card:








Just to prove that I can multitask here’s the other happenings in my household.  First, my parents are here visiting from Naples, FL.  They come and visit every year for the 4th of July!  I have a brother and 3 sisters that live close by, so, this is the central location.  One brother is in LasVegas so he misses the fun every year.

Next on the agenda is that my oldest son and his wife are coming in today to stay for 2 weeks also.  Along with them are my 4 Grandchildren and my 3 newest Grandchildren which they are in the process of adopting!  Yes, that totals up to 7 children!  The Grandchildren can’t wait to get here and see everyone.  Especially their Uncle Travis and Miss Tami!   Our home will be filled to the brim with loves of love, laughter and I’m sure occasionally tears!

Today, I am headed out to babysit for a very dear friends little daughter, Miss Ava.  Miss Ava is my youngest stamper and has been featured in the blog if you care to take a look back.

So, you all have a wonderful day!  I’d love to see you all at my Open House!

Happy Stamping!

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