Saying good bye….

To some of my favorite stamp sets.

Sounds silly, right, I know.  But, I am truly very fond of a number of my stamp sets that are retiring!  The funny thing is that some of the ones I am so sad about leaving are stamp sets that I did not even use!  I fell in love with them and just could not get that perfect card put together with them.  Does that make any sense?  (Guess it’s not just the cat that’s crazy around here!)

I have spent the majority of my day pulling stamps sets off my shelves that will be retiring on May 31st.  I have about 90 sets retiring this year.  On one hand I am looking forward to “cleaning house” and on the other I struggle with getting rid of the ones I love.    I have them pulled and marked with sale prices, yes, even the ones that I thought I would keep!  I plan on having them out for my customers to look through them.  They can put their names on them and purchase them and take them home and love them on June 1st.

Monday  I will be receiving my 5 cases of new catalogs!  I am looking forward to just soaking up the pictures and seeing all the new stamp sets that I am sure I will fall in love with.   I am very excited to see the new and improved Stamp ‘n Scrub, the two powered heat tool, the new paper cutter.   The list just goes on and on.

So… long to the old and hello to the new!  Can’t wait to fall in love again!

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