Another sneak peek!

Here is the first card I completed this weekend!

I must say that this card took me the longest to do and is my least favorite.  (Should I be saying that?)  Well, it’s the truth!  I usually make “clown” cards after I’m sleep deprived and have been stamping for many hours with my stamping sisters.  But, this week end I started out with a “clown” card.  Enough said….here it is:

Looking at this picture taken with my not so wonderful camera, it looks worse than it is!  For some reason the flower I added on has a strange color on the photo, in real life it matches the  flower on the paper.  Sorry, but, you can see some of the wonderful fun elements of this stamp set and the beautiful paper that goes with it.  I have a better one to share with you tomorrow so keep checking in with me!

Today I had 3 stampers do my techniques class on strip piecing.  I had done some of these techniques when I was a quilter.  The cards today  turned out beautifully, each one looking slightly different than the other.  They had fun and now I am looking forward to sharing these cards with the six ladies that will be here tomorrow.

On a personal note, I have a crazy cat that lives here.  She sort of adopted us and it has taken a long time, but, she has become my stamping buddy.  Every time I come down stairs she comes running along with me.  I have a chair set up for her with an overhead light.  That way she can bask in the light while I stamp away.  She has been lots of entertainment for everyone when they come by, not because she is nice, but, because she is so the opposite!  Most days no one even know she’s  there, but, every once in a while she decides that she should be up on the tables.  Today was one of those days.  Don’t know how many times I had to remove her from her “cat walk”!  Here is a picture of my crazy cat:

I have to keep her because she likes all my cards, even the “clown” ones!

Happy Stamping!

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