It’s a sad day at the Lentz household…..

Our 14 year old Black Lab..  Maggie is gone….

We have been truly blessed the past 14 years to have had this wonderful dog.  I know that if you are not a “dog” person, you may not understand our sorrow.  However, our Maggie was very special to us and has helped us out over the years.  After my husband had back surgery we got Maggie.  She was like a therapy dog for him.  A reason to get up and get around.  From the time when he could only walk to the end of the drive way until they could wander all around the woods together.  When I had both of my knees replaced she was at work again.  I would take her out for walks and the leash would always be slack.  She never pulled and was very patient with me.  She would look back at me like ….can you pick up the pace!   She greeted all of our guests and would almost always walk out the front door with them to say good bye.  It was her job and she took it seriously!  When my stampers come in they always stop to pet Maggie…..I know that they will miss her also.

This is a card I did a while ago and thought that today would be a good day to show it to you.  I created it with the sets D is for Dog and Inspired by Nature.  I hope you like it:

Thank you Miss Maggie…..we will all miss you….

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  1. The best thing about pets and friends is that they CAN feel your pain. You, my friends, are in my thoughts. Hugs.

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