Busy here in Oklahoma!

Spending time with our oldest son and his family!

Hello Stampers!  Feel like I have been out of sorts, my computer went down on Friday night while I was at our Retreat.  I got home on Sunday about 12:30 and by 3:00 we were on our way to Oklahoma.  We spent the night in Eureka MO and then drove all day on Monday.  We finally arrived in Norman Oklahoma around 5:15 pm.  We were blessed with perfect weather for driving and very little traffic.  Which was good because I did the driving this time.

So far I have stamped with my 3 oldest Grandchildren.  They have a busy home here.  Carl and Christine have 4 children, but also do Foster care.  At this time they have 5 Foster children staying in their home!  So needless to say there is always something going on!  Christine runs a full service kitchen and laundry service 24/7!!  At times it gets a little loud when someone is crying but, more often it’s  loud because they are laughing and playing!  It really is amazing how they can all get along and help each other.  It’s a joy to see and spend time with each of the children.    I am hoping to put some cards on line soon.  May not happen until I am back in Wisconsin this coming Sunday.

Hope all is well with everyone!  Happy stamping and remember to enjoy each day with the ones you love!

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