Try My Digital Studio – FREE 30 day trial!

Here’s the best deal of the day!

Ok,  so it’s Sunday.  We get up have some coffee – wake up and go to church. (Yes, I don’t wake up until I’ve had at least one cup of java.)  When we get home what do we do?  Read the Sunday paper of course!  We scour the paper for the best deals of the week.  Well, I have the best deal of the day!

You can download a FREE 30 day trial version of My Digital Express, (which  retails for $39.95).  You will get complete access to the program and print services.  You can even purchase additional downloads which you will keep at the end of the trial.

So, you are asking your self – “How can I do this?  I need to check out this GREAT deal!”  Well let me tell you how to do just that:

Go to my website – click on the “Shop Now” button and order item #129600.  You will receive complete easy to follow directions to download the program!

To sweeten the deal Stampin’UP! has even created a website to teach you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about My Digital Studio.  They have included a boat load of videos and tons of samples.  Everything from cards to scrapbook pages to photo books.  Just go to and check it out!

Here is the bottom line (not literally), this takes all the stress out of purchasing and trying out a new product!  What is better than FREE?   So……try it you’ll like it.  NO, I changed my mind….you’ll LOVE IT!

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